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Recruit stories

Basic Military Qualification (BMQ)
February 14–16, 2014


Friday nights are usually quite busy. We normally sign pay sheets and pick up our weapons from the vault, which happens to be situated quite a distance from the shacks we live in. However, this Friday we did not draw our weapons as it was our CPR training weekend. This was a welcomed relief as it was one less thing to worry about for inspections and made for an early Friday night. We were also given a lot of basic supplies to fill our “Tac Vests” with; this included cam paint, lip chap, first aid supplies, and sunscreen.


As per usual, Saturday began with physical training. We were formed up and ready to go just after five in the morning, and we went for a well paced jog with the Course Officer. Afterwards, we showered and changed into combats and went for breakfast. Breakfast was followed by an inspection of our quarters by the course staff. Finally our training truly began. We spent the next 12 hours learning almost everything about basic first aid requirements. We learned how to properly perform CPR on both adults and infants, we learned how to identify and treat a multitude of different wounds as well. We were let off after dinner to complete station jobs and to ready ourselves for Sunday.


Sunday began with another run for physical training. As usual our living quarters were inspected by the course staff following physical training. Like Saturday we spent the entire day Sunday learning how to apply first aid techniques. Sunday afternoon we had a short review of what we learned. This was followed by a written test. To my knowledge the entire course past the test. Overall it was a decent BMQ weekend; we all learned skills that are important not only in a military context, but also very important in the civilian world.

Pte. Eric Olsen


BMQ Weekend 6

On Friday we got on a bus from CSDH to Connaught. Once I arrived I started working on my bunk to get it inspection ready for the next morning. I was preparing my bed and closet and polishing boots and more. We then went to go draw our rifles and mags, so after a short walk there and back we then continued to prep for inspection then went to bed.

Saturday morning we woke up for an early morning jog. After PT it was breakfast and followed by inspection. Inspection was pretty bad, especially my section, but since they didn’t have much time to discipline we were told a long ruck march would await us next week. After that we did lectures on maps and compasses until lunch. After lunch we had a lot more lectures on navigation and plotting bearings and distances. After dinner we had a few more lectures on the same stuff then we got dismissed to the shacks. In the shacks we prepped for next day’s inspection. We tried a lot harder that night so we wouldn’t mess up like we did in the morning’s inspection. Then we went to bed.

Sunday morning we woke up for PT, which was pretty fun because we got to go to a empty warehouse style building to do a circuit training since it was very slippery outside. After PT we went for breakfast as usual, then to inspections. We did a little better this time because we were more prepared. After the inspections we did more lectures on navigation and trying to find out location by triangulation. We did this until lunch. After lunch we got to do a little bit of hands on stuff with the maps instead of lectures. We went outside and used some of the techniques we learned throughout the weekend lectures and it was pretty fun. We did this for a while until march out orders happened. For march out we pack everything and prepare to leave. Then we got dismissed, took our box lunches and got on the bus to go home.

Pte. (R) Coutu