A Company

A Company is the Light Infantry Company and primary manoeuvre element of the Regiment. It’s mandate is to ensure its soldiers are current on their Individual Battle Task Standards (such as the service rifle, fieldcraft, communications, etc to name a few) and the assigned Battle Task Standards for the training year (such as Offensive Operations).  The company must be ready to support Domestic Operations should a natural disaster occur where the civilian authorities determine that requires support from the Canadian Armed Forces is required.  It also must be prepared to augment the Regular Force Infantry Regiments by providing soldiers to fill their ranks in preparation for the conduct of overseas operations.

The Light Infantry Company (Lt Inf Coy) is organized into four Rifle Platoons (Pls) and a Coy Head Quarters (HQ). Each Rifle Pl consists of three Rifle Sections (Sect) and a Pl HQ.

Each Rifle Pl consists of three 10-man sects and a Pl HQ. Each sect will be org into two fire groups (gps) of 4-men. The gp will be broken into fire teams org with a comd, two riflemen, and a Light Machine Gunner (LMG). The Sect Comd (Sergeant or Sgt) will comd one team and the Sect 2IC (Master Corporal or MCpl)will comd the other.

The Pl HQ consists of the Pl Comd (Captain or Lieutenant), Pl 2IC (Warrant Officer), Sig, and a four man Wpns Det. The Wpns Det is comd by a MCpl and has three Wpn operators. They are equipped with a General Purpose Maching Gun (GPMG) and a 84mm Short Range Anti-Armour Weapon-Medium (SRAAW-M), also known as a Carl Gustav Recoilless Rifle.

The Coy HQ consists of the Comd cell, the Command Post (CP), the (Company Quarter Master (CQ) cell, and a Coy Wpns Det. The Comd cell consists of the Coy Comd (Major), Company Sergeant-Major (CSM, Master Warrant Officer), two Sig, and a dvr. The CP consists of the Coy 2IC (Captain), a Clk, a Sig and a Sig/dvr. The CQ cell consists of a Company Quarter Master Sergeant (CQMS), 2IC (MCpl) and two Stmn/dvrs. The Coy  Wpns Det consists of a MCpl Comd, five Wpn operaters and a driver.

The total strength of a Light Inf Coy is 6 Officers, 18 WO’s and Sr NCO’s, 102 Junior Ranks.