1. One or more bursaries will be awarded annually. The number of bursaries will be determined by
the Bursary Committee upon receipt of applications.
2. The value of the bursaries will be set annually by the Bursary Committee. Changes in the value
of a bursary are to be approved by the Board.
3. Only serving members of the Regiment are eligible to apply for a bursary.
4. Funding of bursaries will be from the Directed Fund titled ‘Bursary Fund’. If the balance in the
Fund is insufficient to cover the bursary or bursaries, the Board may approve a transfer from the
General funds to cover the shortfall.
5. The first bursary to be awarded will be known as the ‘Foundation Bursary’. Additional bursaries
will be named by the Bursary Committee with concurrence by the Board.
6. A donor may request the privilege of creating and naming a new bursary upon making a
donation of sufficient size that income will provide funding for a minimum of 10 years. A naming
request must be approved by the Foundation Board of Directors.

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