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Recently deceased Camerons or those who have passed but of whom we were unaware:

Corey Lockridge died January 2, 2015 40 years of age. Served with the Regiment during the 1990s.

Harry Lorne Adams died October 27, 1973 73 years of age. RCSC attached to the Regiment from D-day through the end of the war.

John MacKinnon died December 23, 2014 age 89. Served with the Regiment 1981-1984.

Stanley James Fitsell died October 12, 2014 age 89. Served throughout WWII.

John Oliver Shellhorn died 1983 aged 57. Veteran of the 3rd Bn.

Jack Martin Troster died November 9, 1984 71 years of age. 8 Pl Comd during WWII.

William Brookes died December 12, 2013 92 years of age. Served throughout WWII.

Albert Routliffe died September 1, 2014 in his 90th year. Served throughout WWII.

Oren Stanley died May 28, 2014in his 94th year. Decorated member of the Regiment who served throughout WWII.

Cecil Hughes died April 14, 2014 in his 90th year. Served throughout WWII with the Regiment.

Don Duke Mills died May 5, 2014 in his 93rd year. Served throughout WWII with the Regiment.

Louis Guertin died June 4, 2014 in his 94th year. Served throughout WWII and for many years after with the Regiment.

Thomas M MacInnis died August 11, 2014 in his 19th year. Serving Private whose brother MCpl Andrew MacInnis is also serving with the Regiment.

Bruce Davis died July 6, 2014 in his 95th year. Served throughout WWII with the Regiment.

Clifford A. Bernardine died February 25, 1941 was a WWI veteran and member of the 2nd Battalion CHofO

Graham A. Brown died April 19, 2014. Graham was a WWII veteran piper who went on to become Pipe Major of the Regiment.

Carl Walker died February 1, 2010. Carl was a member of the Regiment 1975-77 who went on to a distinguished career in the forces rising to the rank of Colonel.

John E Walsh died September 11, 2013. Jack was a WWII veteran.

Lyall Gow  died November 18, 2013 aged 101 years. Lyall was a WWII (2nd Bn) veteran and served for many years thereafter.



Delay in construction of Book of Remembrance

We apologize for the delay in publishing the Book of Remembrance. We are having difficulty finding an appropriate software which will allow us to properly present the Book of Remembrance as we wish it to be available.

Book of Remembrance Currently under construction.

This will be a database of all Camerons who have died since WWI and will contain information such as Name, Date of Death, and cemetery.

The intent is to allow viewers to research family or friends who served with the Regiment.

If you are aware of a former Cameron who has passed away, please contact us so that we can ensure his or her particulars are entered in the Book of Remembrance and at the next regular meeting of the Association.

Contact us to provide information on former Camerons.


 Are you looking for Canadian Forces Member Military Service Records?If you are looking for Canadian Forces Military Service Records, please contact the following Government of Canada Services for information:

  1. Library and Archives Canada, at, holds all military records. This web address gives access to a lot of information on-line and a contact point for requests at
  2. The Canadian Genealogy Centre, at has service records for many but not all former members and links to other sources of information. The records extend back into the colonial era. Much of it is on-line accessible.
  3. Veterans Affairs Canada, at, has certain kinds of information, particularly if a member has been receiving veteran’s benefits. While they cannot release medical records, they may be able to find Unit and Service Number information.
  4. You may submit an on-line, fax or letter request. Different kinds of information may require proof of relationship to the members and/or proof of death of deceased Members. Records of serving members cannot be requested by anyone other than that member.
  5. Note that fulfilling research requests takes time and may have a cost associated with the task. The records you receive should show what Canadian unit your relative served with and the period of service.

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