Military Service Records

If you are looking for Canadian Forces Military Service Records, please contact the following Government of Canada Services for information:

  1. Library and Archives Canada, at, holds all military records. This web address gives access to a lot of information on-line and a contact point for requests.
  2. The Canadian Genealogy Centre, at has service records for many but not all former members and links to other sources of information. The records extend back into the colonial era. Much of it is on-line accessible.
  3. Veterans Affairs Canada, at, has certain kinds of information, particularly if a member has been receiving veteran’s benefits. While they cannot release medical records, they may be able to find Unit and Service Number information.
  4. You may submit an on-line, fax or letter request. Different kinds of information may require proof of relationship to the members and/or proof of death of deceased Members. Records of serving members cannot be requested by anyone other than that member.
  5. Note that fulfilling research requests takes time and may have a cost associated with the task. The records you receive should show what Canadian unit your relative served with and the period of service.