Honourary Colonel’s Remarks re “Duke of Edinburgh’s Own”

It is indeed quite an honor to be awarded this title…Our association with HRH the Duke of Edinburgh goes all the way back to 1967, and he has been most supportive of the Regiment… In addition to meeting with the Regiment during her Majesty’s  last visit to Canada, he was kind enough to write the foreward to our history book ” Capital soldiers”…  In fact, when we sent him a pre-written foreword, we received a note from Buckingham Palace asking us for a copy of the book, so HRH can read it and write his own foreword…Since the book was not published we had to send a manuscript ,which he read with Interest and wrote his own foreword…. Subsequently we had the pleasure of meeting with him to present him with copy 001 of the limited edition… We met with him for over an hour in his private study at Buckingham Palace. He was, and still is, very engaged ,and interested in the affairs and state of the Regiment…

Paul Hindo,
Honourary Colonel
The Cameron Highlanders of Ottawa