Promotions to Cpl in the field on FTX CAPITAL FORCE 2, 20 Jan 2019

Congratulations to the Regiment’s newest Corporal’s:  Cpl Bolek, Cpl Evans and Cpl Salloum.


Exercise CAPITAL FORCE 2, conducted 18-20 January 2019, saw the Domestic Response Company Capital with the Camerons as the lead unit augmented by elements from the Governor General’s Foot Guards, 33 Signals Regiment, 33 Service Battalion, 28 Field Ambulance, 7 Intelligence Coy and Canadian Forces Joint Imagery Centre conduct Offensive Operations which included Reconnaissance Patrols and Fighting Patrols. These tasks were successfully executed while enduring one of the coldest weekends in memory with temperatures as low as -27 degrees with a windchill of -34 degrees. Well done to all who participated.

It also saw three well deserved promotions to Cpl: Cpl Bolek, Cpl Evans and Cpl Salloum. Congratulations!


Members of The Cameron Highlanders of Ontario and the Governer-General’s Foot Guard pose for a group photo at the end of Exercise Capital Force 02 held at Canadian Forces Base Petawawa Ontario, on January 20, 2019.
Photo by Cpl Matthew Tower

Scholarships and Bursaries available to Military Families

Scholarships and Bursaries are available to children of currently serving members, of fallen soldiers and of parted with OSIs to ensure they all can have the same opportunities in life as their civilian counterparts.  Click on the link below for additional details.

Recently Released CAF Members can now apply for the new Veteran’s Service Card

All serving members should set up their VAC profile now to ensure you have a profile for when you will eventually need it. Details in the below article.

For those former Cameron’s who have released, you are now eligible for a Veterans Card which will help with eligibility verification when required to confirm past service. Details below.

Recently released CAF members can now apply for the new Veteran’s Service Card

New Year’s Day Levee 2019

One of the visiting teams

Seasons Greetings from the Officers and Sr NCO’s.


All Ranks Christmas Dinner 06 Dec 2018

16 members promoted to Cpl

2018 Top Jr NCO Awarded to MCpl Centen

2018 Top Sr NCO awarded to Sgt Lescott

Sgt Wickett receiving his 32 Brigade Commander’s Commendation from his efforts in 2015 when he was a member of the Grey and Simcoe Forresters

Gift from Vis-en-Artois, France commemorating the 100th Anniversary of the end of World War I and the Victoria Cross awarded to Pte Nunney.

St Giles Church Service 05 Dec 2018

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St Andrews Dinner 30 Nov 2018

The current Commanding Officer, LCol Jackson was joined by Col Kelly, Col (Ret’d) Brigden, LCol Patchett and Hon LCol MacKay (all former CO’s of the Regiment) at the Annual St Andrews Dinner at the Army Officers Mess.


This year the Camerons are the lead unit for the 33 Territorial Battalion Group (33 TBG), commanded by LCol Jackson, with other key positions in the TBG HQ (RSM, DCO, Ops O, etc) filled by members of the Regiment.  Should a natural disaster occur, 33 TBG is the organization 33 Canadian Brigade Group would stand up to provide the assistance requested by the civilian authorities.  The TBG is comprised of 3 Domestic Response Companies (DRC’s) that are geographically focussed in their make up and intended area of support:  DRC NORTH (a grouping of units lead by 49 Fd supporting Northern Ontario), DRC RIVER (a grouping of units lead by the Ontario Regiment supporting Central and South Eastern Ontario along the St Lawrence River) and DRC Capital (a grouping of units lead by the Camerons supporting the National Capital Region and Eastern Ontario.

An added task this year is for the TBG to plan and conduct the collective training field exercises from 01 Nov 2018 to 31 Mar 2019.  This will see each DRC plan and conduct exercises concurrently in their geographic area focussed on achieving key Battle Task Standards (BTS) to ensure they are prepared to deploy should the need arise.  The training this year will be focussed on Offensive Operations at the Section and Platoon level.  The experience gained and skills learned in mastering these BTS will translate well to a Domestic Operation where teamwork, communication and leadership is required to succeed.

DOMESTIC RESPONSE COMPANY (DRC) CAPITAL conducted FTX CAPITAL FORCE 1 in 4 CDSB Petawawa on 23-25 Nov 2018. The DRC CAPITAL (comprised of CHofO and GGFG pers was supported by elements from 33 Svc Bn (wpns techs, supp techs, cbt storesmen and a Field Kitchen), 30 Fd (FOO), 33 Sigs Regiment (CP Det), 7 Int Coy and 28 Fd Amb (embedded medics and a Unit Medical Section) conducted Platoon Hasty Attacks (dry by day) which was the main Battle Task Standard covered during the FTX. The conduct of the exercise was augmented by a Field Expedient Live Fire Range that saw Sections conduct Live Fire Section Attacks as part of the tactical scenario. The range was supported by 3 RCR which provided members to augment the Range Staff. The Field Kitchen was supported by HMCS CARLETON which provided a member to assist with its staffing requirements. A true Joint effort and a good example of Regular and Reserve Force cooperation.